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We Find the Best Gambling Sites

Let’s start digging exactly how we put together our rankings of the best online gambling websites. We will not bore you with all the finer details, but we do not expect you to trust our recommendations without at least one more explanation.

What we should clarify is that what makes a top gambling website is, to a degree, subjective. Certain things are black and white, eg. For example, if a site is properly licensed and how long it is up and running, but there are a few things that are less clear. Although we make sure that we are objective in creating our rankings, our personal opinions ultimately play a role.

With this out of the way, here is some information about the different methods that we use for the evaluation of gambling websites.

Talk to online gamblers

We talk to the online players we know and ask about their experiences on the websites they use. We’ll find out what they like and what they do not like and use that information to shape our views.

Extensive research

We dig deep into the history of all the gambling websites we value. We learn details about their property, their track records, and all sorts of other relevant information.

Our own experience

Most members of our team are regular online players themselves. This allows us to draw on our own experience in the evaluation and evaluation of gambling websites.

Thorough testing

All gambling websites we rate are subjected to a rigorous phase of testing. We make sure we know how each aspect of a site works (or does not work) and rate it appropriately.

All of this helps us to form our views on what is good and what is bad in the locations we value. Sometimes we’ll learn enough to know right away that a gambling website just does not meet the high standards we need, and therefore not eligible for our referral. This can be for a variety of reasons, but one thing is guaranteed to get a site out of our lists if we are not 100% sure that it is safe and trustworthy.


How We Rank Websites

Websites that go beyond our first culling exam will then be evaluated in different areas. This process depends on the category in which we place a website. For example, if we classify the best online sportsbooks for betting football, we’ll be different when we classify the best slot machine casino sites.

Here are some of the factors that we generally consider to be one of the most important. With a few exceptions, these apply to just about every category in which we rank websites.

      • Trustworthiness
      • Ownership
      • Licensing
      • Payment Methods
      • Bonuses and Rewards
      • Payout Speed
      • Device Compatibility
      • Customer Support
      • Game Variety
      • Betting Options

Once we have completed the evaluation of a website based on all relevant factors, we can find out where it should sit in the relevant rankings.

This is an ongoing process as all our rankings are updated regularly. Just because a site makes # 1 on one or more of our lists, there is no guarantee that it will stay there when standards slip or other sites make improvements.